The singer apologizes for her racially incentive remarks.

Miley faced a lot of heat for lacing her 2013 album, Bangerz, with the sounds and styles of hip-hop only to blast it years later.

During promotion for the organic, free-spirited album Younger Now, Miley said she decided to hold off on the icy beats and 808s because lyrics in hip-hop were often lewd, saying “I can’t listen to that anymore. That’s what pushed me out of the hip-hop scene a little.”

The collective Internet felt outraged ever since, and they didn’t let Miley off easy. It prompted a 30-minute YouTube video titled “Miley Cyrus Is My Problematic Fav…Sorry” by user As Told By Kenya, who largely compliments miss Miley, but says her remarks were “racially insensitive” and had “racist undertones.”

Miley caught wind of the video and posted a lengthy comment on the vid apologizing.

“Just watched your video,” she wrote. “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to speak up. Being silent is not like me at all. I am aware of my platform and have always used it the best way I know how and to shine a light on injustice. I want to start with saying I am sorry. I own the fact that saying … “this pushed me out of the hip hop scene a little” was insensitive as it is a privilege to have the ability to dip in and out of ‘the scene.’ “

Miley added: “There are decades of inequality that I am aware of, but still have alot learn about. Silence is a part of the problem and I refuse to be quiet anymore. My words became a divider in a time where togetherness and unity is crucial. I can not change what I said at that time, but I can say I am deeply sorry for the disconnect my words caused. Simply said: I f–ked up and I sincerely apologize. I’m committed to using my voice for healing, change, and standing up for what’s right. Miley”

There will always be people holding this against her, but it’s time to forgive and move on. Miley incorporated hip-hop on her new EP, SHE IS COMING, and the project amounted to a juicy collection of material with major replay value.

You can watch the reaction video below:

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