Round out the first week of 2017 with Miley Cyrus and the Flaming Lips.

Originally meant for Miley’s Dead Petz SoundCloud LP, the rock band repurposed the song (a lot) and slapped it onto their forthcoming album Oczy Mlody (out Jan. 13).

They tell Pitchfork:

“at first this song was intended to be part of the Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz record.. Then we (her and us) lost interest in it… It was, back then, very slow and serious… But after speeding it up (a lot) and adding the galloping ‘We A Famly’ sing-a-long bit we thought it was dorky enough and fun enough to present to the world. And… We (Cyrus and us) really do say to each other, all the time, ‘We A Famly.’”

It’s easy to imagine the original rendition; Miley cooing over frontman Wayne Coyne’s dreary guitar riffs, but boosting the beat and adding the melodic hook takes it from mushroom trip to starry eyed. Really, both are welcome.


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