Miley Cyrus And Ellen DeGeneres Play Awkward AF Ball Game: WATCH

October 16, 2015 By James Dinh

You’ve got to see this.

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She’s just being ~Miley~

You know that you can expect shenanigans when you book Miley Cyrus for a TV gig, and that’s exactly what happened during her appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Friday (October 16).

Let’s start with the fun stuff. Sure, Miley performed her brand-new “Hands of Love” track with Linda Perry, but the highlight of the pop titan’s episode came when she and the host played a game called “Wrecking Balls.” Yeah, they go there. For the game, the duo had to tie lengthy pink pantyhose to their waists and get a ball across the finish line. I know. I know. It’s weird but the whole point of it all was to raise awareness for breast cancer.

“It is a very important cause and that is the only reason I have agreed to play this stupid dumb game,” Ellen said at one point. “It’s time to play ‘Wrecking Balls.’ I need someone with divine twerking muscles!”

Check out Miley Cyrus’ appearance on “The Ellen Show” below!

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