She’ll probably release the full thing next never.

Mike Will Teases New Rihanna Music (Sort Of)

Please enjoy a snippet of from Rihanna’s upcoming record.

Because that’s probably all we’re getting for awhile.

Super producer Mike Will teased 15-seconds of a new Rihanna song titled “Nothing’s Promised” from her forthcoming(?) record. At least we think that’s the working name, unless Will is implying the record we thought was on the way as promised will remain on the cutting room floor next to the white chick Rihanna cut up in the “***** Better Have My Money” music video.

Sigh, here it is anyway:

Before you get all excited, Rihanna teased this exact same snippet last November.

Yet another misstep in the quickly spiraling slow motion train wreck that is Rihanna’s eighth studio album. Unsolicited advice? Take the best five unheard tracks the latest sessions, drop it unannounced on TIDAL as an EP and start from scratch.

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What is life? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯