Miguel Walks With A Gangsta Lean In “NWA” Music Video

July 28, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Miguel dropped a new “Wild Heart” visual.

Miguel Walks With A Gangsta Lean In "NWA" Music Video

Without word, Miguel dropped a new visual for his latest “Wild Heart” release.

If you’re gonna roam the streets, do it in a vintage leather jacket and a strike of confidence like Miguel does in his new music video alongside Kurupt for “NWA.” The “Coffee” singer exudes major swag as he makes his way around the neighborhood before meeting up with the track’s collaborator, who hands us an equally cool and collected demeanor rolling the streets in his classic car. The vid serves as the second official release from Miguel’s recently released Wild Heart record, following his lead single “Coffee.”

“None of my singles have ever sounded like anything else that was on the radio, so I’m used to not getting the initial ‘Oh yes!’ right away,” Miguel recently told the NY Times. “My music has always been something that just grows on people and stays around. It’s kind of cool, the notion that maybe not everything is so obvious, but there’s something in there that’s real and lasting.”

He adds, “I wanted the album to feel like twilight, like dusk, right when the sun is going down and when the colors in the sky just seem the most vibrant and it’s the most beautiful. But also all the vice in the city starts to creep out, and you start to see all the seedy things happening. There’s a duality that I wanted to capture, and I think that it resonates with my personality, too.”

Oh yes! Mission accomplished.