Miguel’s new song isn’t about coffee.

Miguel Debuts "Coffee (F***ing)" Featuring Wale

Miguel’s scalding hot new song titled “Coffee (F***ing)” featuring Wale spills onto the Internet.

The lead single from Miguel’s forthcoming record titled “Wildheart” is a delicious mix of hip-hop and pop with a splash of audio creamer. You see, Miguel confirms what many of us already knew: “Pillow talk, turns into sweet dreams / Sweet dreams turns into fu****g in the morning.” He’s written for Beyoncé, Jessie Ware and Usher, but this time around Miguel revamped his own material for this updated version of the song previously released in December sans the f***ing, mildly titled “Coffee.” Wale’s contribution details macchiatos and scones, though Starbucks won’t confirm if a product placement deal was finalized prior to the release.

Listen to it below:

Tell us… do you like coffee in the morning?