Elizabeth Arden Launches Online Program that Allows Fans to Send Personalized ‘MIDNIGHT fantasy’ Phone Calls from Britney Spears on midnightfantasybritneyspears.com

NEW YORK, Feb. 14 /PRNewswire/ — Fans nationwide will start receiving calls from Britney Spears today as part of a new promotion from Elizabeth Arden that uses Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) technology to send customized phone call recordings from the pop star to her fans across the country. The promotion is being offered in conjunction with Britney Spears’ latest fragrance, MIDNIGHT fantasy, which launched in December 2006.

Senders provide the receiver’s name and personality to create a personalized “MIDNIGHT fantasy” message from Britney selected just for them. Messages will be sent from the site midnightfantasybritneyspears.com. The Britney Spears personal voice message will be heard as soon as the lucky recipient picks up the phone.

“It’s so cool to personally reach out to my fans this way!,” said Britney Spears. “I am really excited for people to get the calls and send ‘midnight fantasy’ messages to their friends from me. I absolutely love this new fragrance, and hope everyone is encouraged to try it.”

MIDNIGHT fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS(TM) is available at department stores, like Macy’s, nationwide. Find out more information about Britney Spears fragrances at britneyspearsbeauty.com .

Britney called me a hot rebel, and our fantasies came true! Ok well… that’s the new promotion for her new perfume “Midnight Fantasy.” With the launch, came a new Britney website, and your very own Britney fantasy. Check it out, and get a “custom” message from her too (even sent to your cell phone). Check it out.

Britney called me a hot rebel, and our fantasies came true! Ok well... that's the new promotion for her new perfume

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