Grab another round and listen to the latest from Micky Blue.

Micky Blue Debuts "Dark And Stormy": BreatheHeavy Premiere

Micky Blue recently lent her powerful vocals to EDM bangers like Tritonal & Juventa’s “Lost” and Baggi’s “Dive,” but she returns with a tune all her own.

Micky has a haunting pop style reminiscent of Tove Lo & Lana Del Rey, but quite frankly she’s in a league of her own. Her dreamy new tune titled “Dark And Stormy” off The Wild Things EP holds a powerful message while revealing a certain fragility. Her breathy vocals and longing oohs heard throughout show a vulnerable side, a side Micky explored during a dark and stormy time.

Tell us about “Dark and Stormy” / inspiration behind the name
On one level, it’s more obvious than one might think – Dark & Stormy is my signature cocktail! In fact, my producer Mickey Valen and I created my whole EP while drinking them. As for how the song came to be, I felt I had hit the lowest point in my career before I went into making this EP and Dark & Stormy was a song created as a summary of all that I came to realize from that point in my life. Take the bridge lyrics “you’re nobody till’ you know somebody,” these words used to haunt me and now they set me free.

You’ve been compared to Lana Del Rey – is that an accurate comparison?
I feel very flattered that a lot of people have compared me to Lana. I think she is an incredible and timeless artist. It’s hard to compare yourself to someone else because your music feels so personal, but if I’m going to be compared to someone, I’m lucky that it’s such a talented lady.

You’ve lent your vocals on several EDM songs. What is it about the EDM culture that was appealing for you to contribute?
I owe so much to the EDM community. They were the first group to really accept my vocal style. EDM is growing so rapidly and crossing genres that have never been mixed together. Remixes are now bringing a whole new life to Indie music and it’s cool that musicians from different genres are starting to collaborate and help promote each other, I love that. I have found DJ’s to be very supportive of one another and that’s how it should be. I would say the support and creative freedom has been the largest appeal for me.

What do you want people to know about your new music
First of all, whoever is reading this and listening to my single, THANK YOU! No seriously, thank you for taking a chance on new music. The Wild Things EP was written while I was in a very dark place. I had really hit rock bottom and I decided, screw everybody, I’m writing what I want to write! I think it’s been such a long road for me because I refuse to loose sight of my values and I refuse to prostitute my artistry. I hope my music connects with people and I hope it helps people feel something, anything really. I also hope the EP theme (you’re nobody till you know somebody) gets people talking about how hard it is to be an indie artist, entrepreneur or someone with a voice.

What’s your next release?
The next release is something more uptempo and hopeful sounding! It’s called “The Good The Bad The Ugly.” There are a lot more songs to come, and definitely some really fun EDM features coming out this fall, so this is really just the beginning of a long stretch of new music.

Download a free copy of “Dark And Stormy” and listen here: