It’s about “being blindsided by the ultimate betrayal by your partner.”

Michaela May sings about the dark side of love on her new song “You & I.”

Welcome to your newest guilty pleasure. “You & I” feels like it was plopped out of the early ’00s and updated to fit somewhere into the volatile digital age. The sugary sweet pop gem features an uplifting anthemic chorus, but its vivacious beat and May’s soaring vocals is a meticulous disguise; the song is actually quite sad.

It’s about “being blindsided by the ultimate betrayal by your partner,” May tells BreatheHeavy. “I think we have all been through a relationship in the past where you have been hurt by the person you love the most.” She adds writing the song was cathartic and hopes to help others going through something similar.

“You had me on my knees and you never knew what you did to me,” May sings over a fluttery electro beat and an ’80s-inspired electric guitar riff. “Now I got nowhere to go / You told too many lies / Don’t pretend you didn’t play me blind / Cause I already know.”

May continues, “it’s such a painful experience, but the amount you grow during the process of heartbreak is invaluable. It’s ok to feel broken but more importantly, know that however heartbroken you are/were… you will always be ok.”

In the newly-premiered music video for the track, May is seen arguing with her boyfriend in the middle of the desert before he chucks her suitcase onto the dirt road and hightails it without her.

This one’s for all you lonely hearts out there.

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