Michael Jackson urged Britney to leave the music business and focus on her family, according to new reports.

Jackson, who warned Britney not to “end up” like him, reportedly warned Britney to retire from the industry.

A friend of Britney’s said: “Michael told her, ‘Don’t end up like me.’ His warning was eerie, like he was trying to tell Britney he was going to die.”

The source added to Britain’s Look magazine: “I think Michael’s warning sent shivers down Britney’s spine. He was emphatic in warning her she should leave showbusiness in order to maintain her sanity.”

“He thought she should retire after the ‘Circus’ tour so she could focus on the things that mattered – her sons and family. Britney must have taken Michael’s words to heart as she promised him she would at least take a long break after she finished the tour.”

Britney revealed to fans her sadness regarding Jackson’s death, saying:


“I was so excited to see his show in London. We were going to be on tour in Europe at the same time and I was going to fly in to see him. He has been an inspiration throughout my entire life and I’m devastated he’s gone!”

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