I think I use this picture every year, but **** it, who cares! Merry Xmas! I hope all you **** mofos out there get what you want, and oh yeah, give some lovin’ to the fam and friends too (make it magical hahaaaa). I have a nice little surprise for you guys, and it’ll be posted before the year’s end (I have spent many hours on it). Also, I am having a contest in January, so I’ll let you know more about that in a few days. Just wanted to thank you guys all for making BreatheHeavy such a success as of late. Without you this would mean nothing, and I really honestly do appreciate that. Soooo I hope everything is well, and if you’d like to give me an Xmas shout-out, do so at my myspace. Take care, wear protection, and don’t drink and drive!

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