Britney got to spend all Memorials day with her kids! According to, the official Spears family tabloid, Britney planned a barbecue for her little guys, but due to poor weather had to postpone: “She started setting up around 1pm for what was intended to be an all-out bash. Brit’s dad, Jamie Spears, is a trained cook and was supposed to be preparing a feast on the grill at the singer’s home inside her exclusive, gated community called The Summit. But as occasional sprinkles and very un-California 59-degree temperatures persisted, it became obvious after a few hours that it was just not meant to happen.” The kids were picked up by daddy the bodyguards around 5 pm.

Glad Jamie finally found a job! Kidding. Reel it in. REEL IT IN. Even more interesting though is that OK! is reporting “Jamie retired to his own home in nearby Studio City” after the failed barbecue attempt… Hold the phone. Jamie, Britney’s full-time conservator, went HOME? Yes a home Britney bought him, but he’s not living at HER house anymore? No that can’t be…

No matter how many people try to take advantage of her, she’ll always have Sean & Jayden. Glad she had a great day with her boys.

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