Melissa Joan Hart Remembers Britney Was Too Busy For Lunch

Melissa Joan Hart recounts a time way back when she asked Britney to grab lunch but was denied because of Brit’s busy schedule.

During her appearance on The Meredith Vieira Show today, Hart said she just wanted to hang with 17-year-old Britney, but her schedule was so jam-packed with vocal lessons, dance lessons yadda yadda it couldn’t be done.

“I remember saying ‘do you want to come to lunch with us?’ She was like ‘yeah!’ She turned… she had a big entourage, ‘can I go to lunch with Melissa?’ And they were like ‘oh no, you have to go to the gym, then vocal lessons, then you have to shoot that commercial tonight, and tomorrow you have to go on tour.’ And she looked at me really sad and said ‘I guess I’ll see you later.'”

Hart recently saw Britney’s Piece of Me show in Vegas, so hopefully the two were able to grab lunch then!

Check out the full clip below:

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