Melanie Martinez looks for happiness in vanity, but she can’t find it.


Melanie Martinez looks for happiness in vanity, but she can’t find it.

Martinez dropped yet another visual off her latest LP Cry Baby, this time for fan-favorite track “Mrs. Potato Head.” She shared the stirring clip during a live event promoting her new Cry Baby Perfume Milk perfume then plopped it onto YouTube shortly after.

In the video, Martinez is seen sitting on the floor indulging in milk and cookies and watching the tube. Advertisements for diet pills and blonde wigs eclipse her happiness, so she wanders to the bathroom to stare at herself in the mirror, change her looks and self-loathe. She runs back to the television to watch the story of Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head unfold, which shows a chauvinistic pig pressuring his girlfriend into cosmetic surgery. Instead of standing up for herself, the woman caves under the pressure, yet it’s still not enough for his wandering eyes. The tale of their toxic romantic relationship is enough to persuade Martinez to just be herself. Watch:

Remarkably, Martinez has made videos for every song but one off the standard edition off Cry Baby (the lone ranger is “Mad Hatter,” which will likely receive a video before she drops new music in 2017).

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