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Award winning actor, Mel Gibson, recently appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and discussed Britney and her current, uh, situation.

Gibson reached out to Britney early last year in an effort to counsel the popstar and guide her down the right path, said:


“She’s a nice kid. She was just going through a rough patch. You see kids that you know in the industry… I just felt like this poor kid she’s lining up to be stoned. I just thought, ‘I wonder if anyone is reaching out to her’, so I just called her and she’s doing great now.”

“It’s got nothing to do with me. She pulled herself out of this, and her dad – he’s the real hero.”

This is the same guy who drunkenly shouted obscene, antisemitic slurs, right? Oh, ok. Just wondering…

Wait, same guy who starred in that movie about hearing only women’s voices in his head? Oh, ok. Just wondering…

UGH, I like him anyway. And props to Kimmel for saying that Gibson might not know the full story.

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