“I will be a Spice Girl until I die.”

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Mel C is a Spice Girl viva forever, but a reunion tour didn’t feel right.

Sport Spice is opening up to Love magazine about the trials and tribulations of being one-fifth of the world’s largest girl group ever (Harmonizers, quiet). She recalls the time being super famous pre-Internet and how that shaped her to be the woman she is today.

“Things were so different in the early days of the Spice Girls,” she writes in a new op-ed for Love Magazine. “Nobody had the internet (it was all pagers and faxes) and we were written about most days in the tabloids but the only access to that was popping down to the newsagents at the crack of dawn to check out the gossip columns.”

She adds: “Looking back it all seems quite charming – but it wasn’t. I guess my relationship with the media took some time to settle. Misquotes, poisonous gossip and you’re forever questioned and judged. Thankfully, it felt like they were writing about a stranger most of the time.”

In other words, she’s grown tired of the white-hot spotlight.

“I often feel sorry for young people in the public eye now. They can’t even let their hair down without their lives being in turmoil,” she laments. “The reality of the situation – you are more than likely just having a few bevvies down the pub with your mates. Somebody decides to film you on an iPhone and within seconds it’s gone viral. Cool. Is nothing sacred anymore? Then again some seem to want that sort of ****?!”

This is foundation for her reasoning behind not relishing in a reunion tour and record new music with Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell and Melanie Brown.

The meat and potatoes:

“Look, I will be a Spice Girl until I die. But the continuous speculation on whether we will reform to celebrate 20 years of Wannabe has been particularly exhausting. Don’t get me wrong – I totally get it. But is it a new rule that bands have to reform? Why can’t we just be remembered for our incredible achievements in the nineties.”

“When we embarked on the reunion tour it was amazing, scary and surreal all at the same time. The five of us back together again. Like we’d stepped back in time for a global celebration of the band.”

“Truth be told, earlier this year after several face-to-face meetings with the girls I made the difficult decision not to be part of a proposed reunion with Emma, Geri and Melanie. Victoria had already bowed out understandably with the demands of her fashion label and her rather large family.”

“The hardest part for me was letting people down, the girls, the fans, civilisation?! Unfortunately something didn’t feel quite right and I had to follow my gut.”

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