Mel C has blasted Britney Spears for her raunchy image – branding her “overtly sexual”.

The former Spice Girl is appalled at the pop babe’s image transformation from innocent schoolgirl to raunchy vamp.

She said “Britney’s gone too far. I find it really shocking. She’s overtly sexual in everything she does. I see her and I think: ‘Put it away, love.'”

The brunette singer also put a stop to any rumours of the Spice Girls reforming, saying it’s too late because they’re all too old.
She said: “We’d look a bit stupid if we got up on stage now and started dancing around to ‘Wannabe’.”

Earlier this month, Mel slammed Robbie Williams for claiming he had slept with four out of the five Spice Girls saying he knew most of them definitely hadn’t.

She said: “I’d like to ask Robbie about this because, to my knowledge, there are a few of the Spice Girls he didn’t sleep with.”

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