Even Eminem is facepalming the Revival album cover.

Even Eminem is facepalming the Revival album cover.

I have a feeling Eminem’s new album is going to tank. His Beyonce-assisted ~lead single,~ “Walk On Water,” seemed to appease the industry machine and pop music fans more than it did his own fanbase. That’s particularly problematic since his scathing Trump cipher. He denounced his Stans (my assumption). Then Em dropped the sparkly album track list. It features Ed Sheeran, Pink, Alicia Keys, Kehlani and a few lesser-knowns. And with the album cover that the rapper just unveiled, I’m really confused. But you know what though? I think so is Eminem.

Pink Scrapped The Music Video For Her Eminem-Assisted Track “Revenge”

And to confirm, yes, this is the real album art. It premiered on buildings as a projection display last night before getting uploaded to Eminem.com.

The album pre-order and a new song drops tonight (Dec. 7). Stay tuned for that. Or don’t. I’m not entirely sure how to handle his era.

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    1. This isn’t “typical American” patriotism. Look under the surface, literally and metaphorically, and it’s pretty apparent he’s expressing his sadness and disappointment with the current political state. I obviously haven’t heard the album, but my guess is that “Revival” refers to reviving this country and the people who call it home.

      Not sure why this seems to be boring at all.

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