Flashback to your childhood with this modern day time capsule.


The past and present merge together to create Meghan Trainor’s smash hit.

There’s no doubt Meghan Trainor was heavily inspired by the R&B pop of 1999-2002 when she put together earworm single “No”. Even the video appeared to callback to the Y2K days where every singer was adorned in now horribly dated silver/spacesuit themed outfits and accompanied by a small herd of backup dancers.

Showcasing just how “late 90s/early 2000s” the track really is, this fab remix titled “NO-STALGIC”, by Aussie Ryson Yee, perfectly merges 2016 with yesteryear.

The more surprising addition is Eminem’s My Name Is, proving he maybe wasn’t so sonically different from the pop stars he got famous from dissing back when they were all music’s biggest names.

Jessica Simpson’s Irresistible probably needed to be featured too, but overall this remix is HOT.

Is anyone else missing? Who else do you think inspired “No”‘s throwback sound?