It’s also the name of a track on the record, which she says is “a song to my fans.”


You’re welcome.

Meghan Trainor has her sights set on winning another Peoples Choice Award for Favorite Album, because the “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” singer is working on her follow-up to 2015’s Title, and though we haven’t a clue how it will sound… we do have a name. MTrain’s sophomore record is officially titled “Thank You,” an ode to her fans.

In an interview with E! at last night’s PCAs, Trainor confessed she’s “doing the final mixes this week,” adding “[It’s] amazing to finally wrap it up,” she said. “It kills you to hold these songs from the world, it really does. Especially, one of my songs, it’s called ‘Thank You,’ which the album is called, Thank You, and it’s a song to my fans. I want them to hear it now but I have to wait.”

In other words, Adele’s weave about to be snatched.

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