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Meghan Trainor has faced an uphill battle trying to release Treat Myself. After several lengthy delays, the album is finally out on January 31.

The singer opens up to Billboard about why she went back to the drawing board several times. In a nutshell… she and her team didn’t know how to stay afloat in a world where hip-hop reigns.

“The label, management, my whole team were really confident in it,” Trainor says of her original lead single, “Let You Be Right.” “Radio guys were telling them, ‘It’s the only song that will work [off the new album].’ And for the first time I was like, ‘Alright, I’ll do what you all want to do.’ ” “Let You Be Right” failed to crack the Hot 100. “That **** was wrong,” she says of her team’s prediction about the track: “Sorry, I’m getting fired up.”

Following the massive success of “All About That Bass,” which hit #1 on the Hot 100, Trainor says “I was told to my face, ‘You’re going to be a one-hit wonder.’ ” In the time since, she won a Grammy for best new artist, and earned five more Top 20 hits. When it was time to work on Treat Myself, Trainor says she and her fellow songwriters were confused on how to proceed in the dominating era of hip-hop.

“They said, ‘We’re in the same predicament: We don’t know what to do, we don’t know what to write, we don’t know how to stay cool,’ ” says Trainor. “I wrote four albums [of material] because I was adapting to what’s going on in the music industry. I got into such a dark place of, ‘I don’t know how to follow all these rules.’ ”

The new record features an array of different-sounding songs.

“I’ve heard weird opinions from everyone [about what the album should be], so I kept writing the best songs I could,” Trainor continued. “Every time I accomplished a new step in my songwriting world, my brain would go, ‘Uh-oh, the rest of the album needs to be this good.’ And finally I got to a place where my label and I were like, ‘Okay, I can’t beat these songs.’ ”

This time around, Trainor isn’t focusing on chart success, but the time had to be right. She says her label asked her not to release at certain times because they needed to focus on other artists first. That pause created Treat Myself.

“I [want] respect from other musicians, I didn’t care if radio would play it or not,” she concluded. “Of course I want my songs to have a moment again, because I work so hard on them, but if it doesn’t happen, I’m finally at this place where I’m letting go.”

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  1. For me- there are artists who have something to say and then there are those that enjoy the spotlight and cant come up (or wont) with anything.
    With Meghan, her brand is based off her weight. I mean, sounds to me like there’s a discrepancy between how she really feels/ where she’s at And what she’ll sing about. No. Refer to Lady Gaga’s willingness to progress from Pop to Jazz to country and become an actor. Regardless of reviews- she’s a main event.
    The wheel of like- who you are – needs to keep rolling forward. Real hits are universal truths.
    Hip hop may be more popular than pop [for me pop music officially died after Nsync’s song Pop, and we havent had pure juicy bubble gum since] and that’s okay.

      1. As a gay man, I deeply believe in celebrating diversity, in inclusion. And for me anyway, I NEED other cultures to tell me who i am, who I’m acting like- that is what I think makes me a better person.
        I cant ever tell a black woman what to do bc I dont have her story. I relate.
        If you mean in regards to her health – yeah, let’s be as bangin- but in reality it’s not that cut and dry like Nike. Theres so much pain and trauma from anyone’s life who is overweight – that’s what it really is. So like, we know she was defensive- that’s where she is, why make it worse. She and her culture have had enough bossing around. We all have 😉. We can only be as open as we are, some more thwn others.

  2. Guys, can we please come down? The media and the public are getting into this horrible custom of dissecting each artist’s career as if they were the only one in the world, when in reality all the thousands of active artists in the world wouldn’t be able to have hit singles worldwide all at the same time. It’s logic. And have you read the Billboard article? Meghan has not stopped working all year long. She is moving and earning money and doing what she does, and while doing so she’s actually releasing good songs. Also, she’s a great songwriter, and her songs aren’t just about her weight, that’s nonesense. We just don’t have enough time and attention to manage so many songs and albums and movies and news and concerts, so if any artist gets to grab people’s attention for one minute, then that’s not a hit, that’s a smash. And it probably won’t happen again any time soon.
    PS: I still haven’t been able to fully watch and enjoy Selena’s “Rare” music video. Have you seen that video? It’s a visual spectacle. The lighting and photography and the colors and the edition are FLAWLESS. And I only really watched it once; the other times, I played the video in the background but could not be sitting down to watch and instead had to go do household chores or whatever. My point? There are amazing things thrown our way and most of us are not being able to thoroughly enjoy them, but I honestly don’t think Selena could have done a better video, so if that **** doesn’t stick, then I don’t know what will. So CHILL!

  3. I actually think Meghan has a strong singles discography. I like them all a lot with the exception of the ballads. She also has a great personality. However, i am also fully aware that not everybody has IT. And not everybody who’s talented and likeable will become/stay popular. I honestly think her brand doesn’t have longevity. I mean, the reason why all the TITLE singles were top10 and top20 hits was because she was just riding on the success of a No.1. But ultimately, her career (with that kind of branding) is destined to be shortlived no matter how they try to repackage it. I hate to say this but she needs to *** it up. And it has been proven that she can absolutely make bops. She needs an overhaul. I haven’t seen TREAT MYSELF but I know her well enough that i expect another TITLE mixed with THANK YOU and a lot of self help self loving bops and I’m over it. Can’t she make a ‘7 Rings’ or a ‘Don’t Start Now’ and be skinny. This is not cause i think being plus sized is bad. But she really just needs to shake things up. Change sh-t up.

    P.S. I actually really liked ‘Let You Be Right’. I even had a playlist with it and ‘Can’t Dance’ and ‘Back To You’ by Selena and i just listened to the same 3 songs on repeat for daysss in 2018.

  4. I can’t stand her personality lol. Theres just something very “not cool” about her and being a fan of her. I can only picture annoying bratty rich white girls being really into her. I can’t foresee her having a long career, she’s not a Britney, Gaga, Beyonce, or Rihanna. There’s just nothing exciting about her. That being said, I actually really liked let you be right and workin on it. She’s a decent songwriting, so maybe she could write songs for other artists in the future.

    She’s not wrong, it’s really hard out there for pop stars right now, top 40 is dominated by rap and hip hop. Streaming definitely favors hip hop too.

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