Trainor’s new song is a BOP!


Meghan Trainor is untouchable in her new song “No.”

Trainor wasn’t kidding when she told fans she “wanted to go big,” and her lead Thank You single “No” is proof of it. In the R&B flavored anthemic bop, the guy vying for Trainor’s attention doesn’t stand a chance. “My name is NO. My sign is NO. My number is NO,” she sings.

The Grammy Award winning artist crafted the song with Wallpaper frontman Ricky Reed, who says the track rose from the ashes after Trainor’s meeting with music head honcho L.A. Reid went south.

“L.A. Reid had just listened to the body of work she had been working on for the last year and told her, much to her chagrin, that she didn’t have a first single. She texted me while still in the meeting with him, pissed,” Reed tells PopCrush. “She came straight to the studio and we just harnessed that energy and turned it into ‘NO.’ We wrote it in about seven hours.”

Trainor tells Idolator she’s been a fan of Wallpaper since way back when. “Hell yeah, ***** — you know it! I was like, let’s get a feature of Wallpaper. real quick,” she said. “I’ve been trying to work with him forever. The fact that he is executive-producing my album is like my dream come true, and I tell him every time I’m with him.”

On her album Thank You out May 12, Trainor admits this is “the best stuff I’ve ever done,” adding “so any chance I could get, I went to him and I would start showing him my album. Even if I had sessions with other people, I would start showing Ricky. And eventually Ricky had six songs ready, and I said, ‘Will you executive produce this with me and figure this out?’ He was stoked and I was stoked.”

Listen to “No” below:

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