Trainor also sang “All About That Bass” and explained why she pulled the “Me Too” music video.


Trainor says she’s the poster child for no Photoshop.

It’s one thing for Trainor to ask video editors to clean up peach fuzz on her upper lip in the “Me Too” music video (actual quote: “You know, like peach fuzz, up close and personal. For those close ups, you never know. So I just asked them to do that.”), but she never asked them to cinch her waist so taut that it changed her shapely figure.

On Monday, Trianor released her latest Thank You video, but noticed post-production warped her waist to such an extent she demanded it get pulled and replaced with her body in its natural state (plus Spanx).

“I saw screenshots the fans were taking on Instagram and I was like ‘why are the fans messing with my waist?’ And I was like ‘Oh my god, that’s not the fans, that’s my video.’“

Trainor explained she called her label execs and demanded the video get taken down. “I don’t care what it takes, take it down,” she recalls telling them. “I’m the posterchild for no photoshop, that is my thing!”

“Just don’t make it like so fake,” Trainor continued. “If you look at the picture it’s like really…it looks like surgery would have had to do this.”

While there, Trainor performed a new song from Thank You titled “Hopeless Romantic” and the single that started it all… “All About That Bass.” Listen below:

“Hopeless Romantic”

“All About That Bass”

Full interview:

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