Listen to Trainor’s island-inspired new bop.


Meghan Trainor just dropped another good pop song.

It’s hard for me to wrap my head around really liking two Meghan Trainor releases back to back, but I must admit “No” was an amusing throwback to classic ’90s pop and her latest Thank You cut, “Watch Me Do,” follows-suit. The tune features an array of alluring sounds mashed together over Trainor’s punching vocals.

“I ain’t saying I’m the bestesses, but I got nice curves nice breastesses,” Trainor sings. “I don’t waste a textes from exesses / all in my DMs leave messages.”

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Trainor mentioned she wanted to incorproate her influences in the upcoming record, “everything from my caribbean side to my love for Bruno Mars and Aretha Franklin and even some Elvis vibes, anyone I grew up listening to,” and it’s evident in the song’s island production style.

“Watch Me Do” is the single Trainor needed to release first over of “No,” her forced attempt at trying to act like a pop star. If it’s anything we’ve learned from Trainor since “All About That Bass,” it’s be yourself, and finally… here she is.

Listen to “Watch Me Do” below:

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