Meghan Trainor is Apparently Jealous of Adele

Bass-loving, skinny-shaming M-Train is allegedly terrified Adele will steal her plus-sized spot with the release of her forthcoming album. In other news, the world is a terrible place.

According to Dish Nation, Meghan Trainor is jealous of Adele’s monumental success and frightened that with the release of Adele’s upcoming LP, rumoured to be titled ’26’, the curvaceous M-Train will plummet into obscurity. Well that makes sense, because clearly there’s no room in the industry for two women who aren’t a size 0.

Meanwhile, Meghan’s gunning for that number one spot on the Billboard 200.

I emphatically cannot with this, but check out the entire story below for the entertainment factor alone:

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“2014 was a great year for mainstream to really start embracing a more voluptuous figure on women in the scene and for once the skinny models were out. Meghan had the perfect look and the perfect sound with ‘All About That Bass.’”

Let’s address the glaring problem with this, shall we? Meghan Trainor – wonderful woman (not the best artist of all time, but more about that here) – in reality, not that ‘voluptuous.’ And this idea that she shepherded in actual and meaningful acceptance of the fact that people in the industry (and indeed, in the world) can be whatever size they chose is dangerous nonsense.

Although that’s just incidental, the article goes on to say that not only does Meghan believe her appeal lies in her size, but she reckons there’s only room for one big-girl in music and it could well be Adele:

“Everyone knows Adele is planning to drop a new album sometime this year and it has Meghan terrified… Meghan admires Adele greatly and has no beef with her, it’s just that in a cut-throat industry like music… Meghan knows she’s not as talented as Adele. She’s hoping her added rapping skills will keep her set apart.”

Excuse me while I die laughing at the idea of M-Train’s um, questionable rapping skills setting her apart from anyone, but let’s put that to one side.

So what do we think? Is Meghan quaking in her realistically-no-bigger-than-a-size-sixteen-which-is-actually-average-I’ll-have-you-know button down dresses preparing for the return of actually-pretty-averagely-sized-too-and-either-way-she’s-hotter-than-you Adele?

It’s very unlikely, isn’t it?

The idea that Meghan may be worried about the return of Adele damaging her success purely because of the size of her body is partially laughable and partially tragic. Either way, you’d have a hard time believing that there’s any truth to this at all. Which leads to the question – why are we comparing these two women? Not only are they in entirely different stages of their careers, they make entirely different music for entirely different audiences.

But hey, what do we know? Maybe M-Train is in a state of panic anticipating the return of Adele. And maybe that’s not so illogical. But let’s be real, if Adele starts slaying your faves this year it has nothing to do with the size of her body or theirs – it’s simply because she’s hella talented and makes music people like listening to. Don’t marginalise these women because of their size; love them or hate them because of the music. #stopthedrama #startthemusic #unapologeticblogger #hashtag

What do you think? Should Meghan Trainor be scurred?