Trainor claims JLo had no idea Dr. Luke produced it.


Trainor says Jennifer Lopez had no idea Dr. Luke produced the early demo of “Ain’t Your Mama.”

JLo released her new song “Ain’t Your Mama” last week, and it’s generically pleasant. Music listeners agree – enough of us purchased the song on iTunes to allow it into the Top 10 songs chart. A day or so later, discussion shifted talking about JLo not doing laundry to the song’s production from Dr. Luke, who’s embroiled in a nasty legal and publicity war with Kesha over allegations he raped and drugged her and wants free from his legal binding recording contract. The situation is entirely messy – not something JLo wants to be associated with, but Meghan Trainor, who wrote the song, says Jenny had no idea Luke was behind it.

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What that means is Trainor knew he was, and still knowingly still sent it to JLo to have her record it without ever mentioning that major detail.

“[It was] not fair on her, not at all,” Trainor told (though their original article was since removed). “I texted her the song and she had no idea – she thought I did it alone by myself at my house, which a lot of people think because I do do that.”

Trainor recalls she sent JLo the song and asked, “Do you like the song?”, to which the mom of two responded: “‘I love the song, my kid loves the song – he’s made me play it five times already so I know it’s a hit, when can I cut it?”

MTrain responded “immediately, whenever you want!”

Then the guilt set in.

“But I felt terrible when Jennifer got all the hate for [Ain’t Your Mama], and it’s just all ridiculous. It’s such a big song for her. After the last album, I’ve been listening to this new album and I’m like, it’s night and day. The music is there, the melodies are there and a lot of my songs are self-empowerment songs, and she loved that about my writing.”

So Trainor sent JLo a song knowing it was produced by an alleged ******, then shaded A.K.A.? No.

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