Meghan Trainor isn’t only all about that bass.

People are feeling the early 2000s pop vibe from Trainor’s new single “No” so much that it sparked a mashup with Britney’s iconic hit “Overprotected.” It caused quite a stir in the Britney Army, even capturing the attention of Trainor herself (no word if Britney saw it, but we’re leaning towards “No”).

“Of course, I’ve been bumping it,” Trainor tells Fuse. “I love it! I freaked out when I saw it, that’s like my dream. God, I want to meet her so bad and just tell her that she’s my everything.”


Trainor also recalls how the Queen inspired her growing up in the ’90s.

“My family wasn’t into every award show, but I would make sure we popped it on when Britney was on! She was my queen, and Christina Aguilera too,” Trainor said. “*NYSNC was huge for our family. My brothers would dance in front of the TV just to be like them, and I would sit there and laugh because I was too embarrassed to dance. I swear I learned how to harmonize because of *NSYNC. I remember singing along with my headphones on and my brothers would be like, ‘You’re singing it wrong!'”

Meghan’s love of Britney should come as no surprise by now. Last week, the Thank You singer admitted she recently met with Brit’s team and could end up writing for the new album (which is reportedly out in a month or so).

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