Check out the retro slow-jam’s first live outing.


Power pop ********* Grande, Trainor and Fancy take to the Dancing With The Stars stage to perform “Boys Like You.”

Following yesterday’s animated video for “Boys Like You,” Who Is Fancy was joined by Ariana Grande and Meghan Trainor for the song’s first performance.

The track is a certified bop and it held up well live, featuring cute harmonies, Trainor’s signature sass, some cute riffs from Grande and heaps of stage presence from newcomer Fancy. All three are strong vocalists and they work well as an ensemble.

“Boys Like You” has the potential to be a smash, following in the sonic footsteps of Meghan’s ubiquitous hits “All About That Bass” and “Dear Future Husband.” Utilizing the trend for a throwback without sounding contrived, if “Boys Like You” does well at radio we may be looking at the track of the winter.

What do you think of Who Is Fancy’s sophomore single?