Meghan Trainor’s forthcoming album gets a push to the new year, but this new music video should tide you over.

For Valentine’s Day earlier this year, Trainor released a six-track EP titled The Love Train. As you’d expect, it was brimming with lovey-dovey songs (Trainor married actor Daryl Sabara in 2018), most of which were slated to land on Treat Myself, an album the singer has pushed back for over a year.

“My dad also said there’s way too many love songs on my album, so I tried to split it up,” she previously said. “I put them on a cute little EP just to let people know music is still coming — here’s a little taste of what this is going to look like and sound like.”

It appears that’s still very much the case, so Trainor is going back to the drawing board. She isn’t keen on dropping an album full of love songs, and is reportedly delaying Treat Myself until 2020 – hopefully when she runs for President – to record more tunes about… something other than romance.

In the mean time, feast your eyes on Meghan and Kaskade’s new video for “With You.” In it, the singer serves icy stares in a black onesie and bedazzled face mask.

Watch below:

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