HAIM are shaking!

Who are The Aces?

Well, their website declares them as “FOUR GIRLS ABOUT TO RULE THE WORLD” and judging by their brand new single “Physical”, it’s pretty hard to argue with that.

“Physical” is a wonderfully crafted piece of 80s-inspired guitar-pop that begs the all-important question all relationships face: is the connection purely sexual? Is there any love?

“It’s some kind of magic between you and I / But i gotta be honest, baby / We just can’t get it right,” lead vocalist Cristal Ramirez sings at one point, before ultimately deciding: “You told me you loved me, you don’t / We’re just physical.”

You know the kind of songs that sound like summer and immediately make you feel like you’re sitting in a park on a sunny day with your pals and some cans? Well, this is definitely one of those. It passes the test, no question.

Any all-female band with an ultra-cool sound is likely to be compared to HAIM – which is certainly not a bad thing – and I don’t want to be reductive, but The Aces are one of the best new bands I’ve came across since HAIM came to prominence in 2012.

Get into “Physical” now, before you get left behind.

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