Meanwhile… Britney Spears Has A Sunday Funday

December 15, 2014 By Jordan Miller

Sunday funday… never a dull moment

Видео опубликовано Britney Spears (@britneyspears)

While the Britney Army was freaking out over the plethora of new music gossip, Britney was getting tickled.

Sunday was a big day for Britney fans! It’s like, we go weeks without anything to sink our teeth into, then in a matter of hours we’re flooded several tidbits of news that our basic lives were desperately waiting for.

In case you missed it:

  • William Orbit revealed he’s working on the new album and hints about something coming around Christmas (we think).
  • Charli XCX thanked Britney on “Sucker.”
  • A glimpse of her new Women’s Health magazine spread leaked.
  • Oh, and Iggy Azalea confirmed she’s on Britney’s lead single out early next year.
  • All the while, Britney remains oblivious to the downpour of tea, instead opting for a calm night at home getting tickled by her boyfriend Charlie Ebersol.

    Notable comments on Exhale about this video:

    OnAMission: “Why was this recorded with a potato”
    Ayush: “Here exhale is dying from the Iggy collab and there Britney is all chilling with her boys”
    Joshy: “are we not gonna talk about them Britney high screams and vocals!? SLAY TBH! She can make a rendition of any whitney or celine songs”

    Happy Monday!