Justin Bieber’s next album will reportedly be a Christian pop movement.

Justin Bieber’s next album will reportedly be a Christian pop movement.


When The Sun reported Justin Bieber had plans to feature “Christian-appropriate” songs on his forthcoming album, I was skeptical, but after viewing this new video of the Biebs performing a religious number at Coachella this weekend, I have less doubts.

In the clip, JB holds his hands up and sings along to a song titled “Reckless Love.” I know this because I Googled the lyrics.


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Look, whatever the Biebs wants to do career-wise I’ll support, but you won’t find me bopping along to this on my way to the _____________.

Check out the prince of pop’s religious cover, then read the original report, below:




Bieber has tried his damndest darnedest to remain out of the spotlight while he records his Purpose followup. We don’t know much about the forthcoming album, but according to a new report from The Sun, it will feature “Christian-appropriate” songs.

The site spoke with an alleged insider who has knowledge of this flawless endeavor.

“Justin is on the lookout for songs which really reflect where he is in his life in terms of spirituality. He has always been religious but the last two years have seen him grow closer to the Hillsong Church and it has changed his entire life. He has a totally different outlook now.”


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“They add: “After he finished his last tour he really wasn’t interested in recording any music for a while, but his time with the church has revitalized him and although he is working with a lot of the same people who helped to make his last album, Purpose, he is reshaping his sound so it is more in line with the church’s values and beliefs.”

“There are key themes of love and redemption in the tracks he has ­created so far. It will certainly ­surprise some fans.””

Well, this is, um… interesting. The report comes on the heels of another story that claimed Selena Gomez is creating THE EXACT SAME THING. Read more about that here.

Save us, Jelena.

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