Maybe An Accurate Picture Of Britney’s Baby???

September 15, 2005 By Jordan Miller

I was on looking through the Britney Spears massage board, and I found a link someone had posted of Britney & Kevin’s baby. I looked at it and it looks very real. The source of the picture was from a real site also, not some fake thing. Now, I don’t know if this is the accurate picture of Sean Preston Spears Federline, but to me it looks like it can be. If someone has or finds the real Preston Michael Spears Federline, email me at [email protected] or im me on AIM at DamagedHeart88. I will give you full credit.

This is the actual information/text from the source which is

The arrival of Preston Michael Spears ( P.M.S) Federline was heralded in with bags of Cheetos and Slim Jims for all. I still think he should be named Elvis Earl Dewayne Lonnell. Donatella Versace better be standing by because Britney wants those sequined hot pants available right NOW.

I wonder where Kevin’s obsession with the name Michael comes from. His other son, Kaleb Michael Jackson Federline- oops, I think I answered my own question!

Yes the baby was delivered via c-section this afternoon, no word on whether a plastic surgeon was standing by for a tummy tuck.