Britney (in a bikini WOO!), accompanied by her father Jamie, assistant Brett and TV agent Jason Trawick, was back at the Barrigona beach near Mel’s home in Costa Rica today. The group arrived around noon and left in the afternoon. Unfortunately, there were more than a dozen photographers present today than the day before. Reports say Britney ignored all press attention including paparazzi and journalists. Soak up the sun, Britney! She looks great — so let’s not dissect her body this time around. K? May 17, 2008. Click the picture below to access the entire set.



UPDATE: Got another tip on what went down yesterday at the beach. Mel Gibson has been reportedly m.i.a., and was down in San Jose for a business meeting wit ha construction company a source tells Britney arrived at the beach around noon, and left at about 2pm. Jamie apparently told the paparazzi to scram by telling them they must be at least 50 meters away or they would leave. Britney took some pictures of the paparazzi, signed a few autographs, then left.

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