Poor thing thought she would be able to escape under the radar. I think she forgets sometimes that she’s Britney Spears. Anyway, check out a few long range shots of Britney exiting her plane in Costa Rica shielded by an umbrella. Britney will be vacationing at Mel Gibson’s home in Esterones de Guanacaste for several days. For more on her trip, check out THIS ARTICLE I posted earlier this afternoon. Plus I hear May 15, 2008. Click the picture below to access the entire set.

UPDATE: The white-colored 256 LK private jet landed in Base 2 at the Juan Santamaria airport in Alajuela, a source tells BreatheHeavy.com. The group was met by an official of Migration as well as a member of the ADS.

Gibson, who was first to exit the jet, was dressed in a blue undershirt and jeans. Britney was next to exit the plane, covered by a white & blue umbrella, and was reportedly wearing a dark wig, says the source.

Upon exiting the aircraft, the group headed to a small white truck with dark-tinted windows as their luggage was loaded onto another small jet, property of Paradise Air. Moments later, Britney, accompanied by her father, Mel Gibson and his wife Robyn Moore soon entered the second aircraft, and left around 4:20 PM heading to Guanacaste where they arrived around 5 PM. The source continues to tell BreatheHeavy that the group soon made it to Mel Gibson’s 163 acre home surrounded by” forests, mountains, and heavenly beaches.”

Get some R&R, Brit!

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