May 10 – Britney Gets Lunch Sans Underwear

May 10, 2010 By Jordan Miller

A pantiless Britney enjoyed lunch with her bodyguard at the Abbey in West Hollywood Monday afternoon.

After lunch, Britney shopped at Curve.

An X17 photographer on the scene tells says:


“Britney was really happy with this guy; she seems in a better mood with him than when she’s with Jason. And Ryan [the bodyguard] is really cute so the attraction is obvious. If nothing else, at least she appears to have found a good friend.”

“Britney requested to be seated at a private cabana at the back of the bar with her hot bodyguard Ryan (who isn’t her usual ******), surrounded by curtains perhaps in an attempt to keep their relationship a secret from boyfriend Jason Trawick, who’s she’s been having trouble with in recent months. In contrast, our source says the last time Britney visited The Abbey, she wanted to sit in the very public VIP section of the bar in order to be seen by everyone!”

A source at the Abbey tells X17 that she and Ryan were “giggly” and in a good mood. Britney was smiling non stop!

She ordered a steak chopped salad and “she insisted on getting crackers.”

“At one point, the staff noticed that Britney’s car was getting a ticket, so Ryan ran out to go take care of it — that’s when Britney realized she was being photographed and as soon as Ryan came back the pair was in such a rush to get out of there, that they forgot to pay!”

The source even says Ryan called Britney “baby.” When one of the photogs fell down and she wanted to stop to help him, the bodyguard leaned into her and said “Don’t worry, baby!”

The ticket was paid by Britney’s security.

Hope she enjoyed the cool L.A. breeze!