Well it looks like the whole “Britney’s going to the Rock The Cradle finale!” is a load of ****. According to UsMagazine.com, Britney DID attend the “Rock Of Love” finale. “She was here to support the show,” says manager Larry Rudolph. “I mentioned to her that I was going to my show. She said, ‘I want to come down.’ She loved it. She really loved it. She didn’t come here for publicity or anything like that. She came here because she wanted to see the show, which I appreciated.” After the show, Britney had a business meeting at Sur in West Hollywood tonight. I could tell you who she had dinner with, but that’s no fun, right?! OK OK it was George Maloof! May 08, 2008.Click the picture below to access the entire set.

Source: x17online.com

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