Matt Lauer’s primetime interview with Britney just finished and I thought I would do a report while you guys wait for the actual video to be available on the site (it will during the night).

So it just felt great seeing Britney talk and just set the record straight. She really addressed a lot of the things that’s been going on with her and what people have been saying. She went straight to the points and you can just tell she’s had it. With the tabloids, the paparazzi, of course, but with just anyone not respecting her, her marriage and her decisions also. She’s happy with Kevin, their marriage is great. He comforts her, he’s there for her. When asked to talk about Sean Preston, she prefered not to because she wanted to discuss other things and she wanted to make it all clear. She doesn’t want Sean to be a target or anything. She also said she’s been working and creating a baby clothing line called Baby’s All Rock N’ Roll. According to her, this is the cutest thing ever. She loves to be a business woman, and she loves money too, she said, laughing. About her friendship with Madonna, the rumors seem to be true. The two of them aren’t what we could call ‘friends’ anymore. Britney confirmed she isn’t living by Kabbalah now and her baby really is her new religion. Talking about babies, she’s almost 7 months pregnant and is expecting her baby in September. Britney and Kevin don’t know yet if it’s a boy or a girl. Britney wants to be totally surprised when the moment finally comes. Talking about her music, Britney wants to wait a year or two before fully returning to the scene because when she does, she wants to totally go for it and travel. She also wants her “booboos” to be old enough to support the pace, with her. She doesn’t know what kind of music she wants to do yet but she’ll go for music that is timeless and she’ll work with the best people out there. Britney was just having fun during the interview but she also got emotional. She makes things clear: She wants them (the tabloids, paparazzi, haters…) to just leave her alone. That’s what she wants.

Even though people will complain (of course they will), I just enjoyed seeing Britney, the wife, mother and wife, having a chat in her living room. I don’t get why people can hate someone for being so down to earth and warm. She’s just like us. She was chewing gum, she wasn’t all dolled up… It was Britney Spears, the human, with a denim skirt. Anyone see a problem in this? Of course some would have wanted the girl to have this huge gala dress and just pretend to be someone she isn’t. See, that’s not Britney… She’s not like that. And I’d like to know right now why those divas (by divas, I mean the celebrities out there who are just acting like they’re just the best thing to ever happen to the world) get more respect than someone who did nothing wrong at all and who is what all celebreties should be like. Britney always said she didn’t want to be a role model because she does her own thing and that’s it. But I think that she is anyway… Because with all what she did, she’s still the same. She’s respectful, she’s just her. And as she said, people can’t support to see someone happy and who has it all. They just can’t… That’s why they’ll work hard to destroy all of it. Britney is getting “damn strong,” she said so, and it’s a good thing. Now just get out of her way, and let her live her life.

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