Watch the vulnerable visual from up-and-coming indie-pop artist Mathew V.


“I don’t know if I’m enough.”

Rising indie-pop singer Mathew V struggles with feeling adequate in the eyes of those around him, and his vulnerable representation of it transcends through his new music video for “If I’m Enough” which premieres on today (August 16).

The video centers around a series of forced sit downs with a variety of people in Mathew’s life, representing the wide array of people who he feels inferior to.

“This video is really an abstract representation of the song,” Mathew tells BreatheHeavy of the Jon Thomas-directed visual. “I wrote this record about a person who made me feel less than, unwanted, and not good enough. I tried to change myself for them, to become what they were looking for. I came to Jon with the idea of humans turning into mannequins, to dehumanize our individuality in a way.”

Mathew is pictured as a polished pop star in some scenes, and a ghastly white figure in others. He says it represents the idea of conformity.

“I am very dark throughout the early stages of the video. I feel estranged, different from the others. The white liquid is the catalyst for conformation,” he explained. “The idea of changing to become more like everyone else, for approval. Although not an idea which I support, it was very real for me at the time.”


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