Singer Mary J Blige has defended popstar Britney Spears over her recent partying, since her split from husband Kevin Federline.

According to, the singer urged the media to give Spears a break. Blige said: “I know that at some point in our lives we’ve had a situation like Britney’s, meaning that we all were with someone we thought loved us and actually didn’t.”

“We make mistakes. I’m looking at Britney as a human being just like myself. I messed up big time in my life.”

“I love Britney and I send out all of my prayers and all great energy to her because she’s young and she is going through it,” she said.

“She is going to get through. She is going to come out on the other side real nice I think.”

Spears recently said that she may have taken her new-found freedom too far with her partying lifestyle.

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