Married to the Music is a weekly section where we take a closer look at 4 songs


For better or worse, we’re all in this together.

Married to the Music is a weekly section borrowing the ridiculous and enjoyable tradition brides endure before getting married. Each week we feature 4 selected songs:

Something Old: A song that is at least 20 years old
Something New: A song that is less than 3 months old
Something Borrowed: A covered, sampled, or remixed song
Something Blue: A song that is melancholy, dark, depressing, or just plain sad

? March 18, 2016 ?

Something Old:
Soul for Real | “Candy Rain”

One of the greatest scenes in modern music is mid-90’s R&B. We’re talking baggy shirts never quite buttoned, a plethora of leather, always crouching, adventurous hair dos. Soul for Real was a band of brothers harmonizing behind their youngest sibling whose amazing pre-pubescent pipes could really belt out hits. A recipe for success if you know how to cook it up.

Something New:
Cullen Omori | “Cinnamon”

Smith Westerns’ frontman Cullen Omori released his debut solo album New Misery today and one of the standout tracks is “Cinnamon.” On making a departure from his indie rock sound in pursuit of a more pop record he said, “I can’t sit down and say I’m going to write a Sam Smith or an Adele song or whatever. The closest I can get to that is making like this weird hybrid of what I think is a pop song.” And hey, aren’t hybrids are great?

Something Borrowed:
Blood Orange | “Hold On, We’re Going Home” (Drake Cover)

Only Dev Hynes could cover Drake’s funked up “Hold On, We’re Going Home” and do it justice. Nothing truly compares to Hynes’ slappin da bass while he croons “Just hold on we’re going home” calming our nerves without losing the intensity of a wild night out that needs to end in just the right way.

Something Blue:
Japanese Breakfast | “The Woman That Loves You”

“You’re embarrassing meeee” starts Michelle Zauner’s new solo project’s beautiful track on her upcoming debut solo album Psychopomp. Submerged in synths and pads, her voice floats up and down, singing about the dregs of a breaking relationship. She’s vulnerable, hurt, and heartbreakingly honest. It’s that moment at the crossroads of a toxic relationship where you’ve just had enough and finally found the courage to walk away.