Married to the Music is a weekly section where we take a closer look at 4 songs


For better or worse, we’re all in this together.

Married to the Music is a weekly section borrowing the ridiculous and enjoyable tradition brides endure before getting married. Each week we feature 4 selected songs:

Something Old: A song that is at least 20 years old.
Something New: A song that is less than 3 months old.
Something Borrowed: A cover song.
Something Blue: A song that is melancholy, dark, depressing, or just plain sad.

☀️??February 26, 2016??☀️

OK, sure, we may be in the throes of Winter, but February is just about over, March is around the corner, and Spring is within sight! Until we can all walk outside without wearing layers on layers on layers let’s all just pretend we’re laying out in beach chairs with our feet in the sand and our hands gripping piña coladas. This week we’re going to dive deep into the fantasy and soon-to-be reality of Summer and listen to some tracks that send our souls to sunny beaches far, far away from the icy doldrums we’re dealing with IRL.

Something Old:
Len | “Steal My Sunshine”

It does not get more summery than this. Len’s one-hit wonder from 1995 is all about having fun in the sun and not letting life getting you down. We’re talkin’ lying on the grass with big fat Slurpee treats, y’all. Ah, the simple pleasures of lazy dog days are sometimes the best cures for the overpowering melancholy we bathe in during these Hellish frigid Winters. Plus, the video’s got motor scooters, go carts, and jet skis! If this song does not brighten your day you need may need to up your Lexapro.

Something New:
Charli XCX | “Paradise”

Charli XCX has been very busy lately starting her record lable Vroom Vroom Recordings and dropping its first release, the Vroom Vroom EP which began streaming today. In a press release, she described her new label as “experimental pop label and it will combine my love for bubblegum pop with mystery and darkness” and the song “Paradise,” one of four tracks on the EP produced by electronic musician SOPHIE, definitely fits that mold. “Paradise” is a banger; the beat bops up and down until musician/visual artist Hannah Diamond harmonizes with Charli during the breakdown to gently croon a verse before SOPHIE’s synth-heavy beat drops back with a vengeance.

Something Borrowed:
Miguel | “Waves” (Tame Impala Remix)

Today R&B star Miguel released a remix EP for his 2015 hit song “Waves.” The EP includes contributions from rapper Travis $cott, country-pop songstress Kacey Musgraves, and Portuguese dance producer RAC but the remix by psych-pop titans Tame Impala is the clear standout track. As the first song on the EP, it is immediately captivating as soon as you hear the band’s signature sweeping filtered voices remarkably clean live drumming. Kevin Parker’s style perfectly compliments Miguel’s and if we’re lucky we’ll see this pair of artists who were responsible for two of 2015’s best albums hit 2016 just as hard. They’re already off to a great start.

Something Blue:
Lana Del Rey | “High By The Beach”

We could have gone with “Summertime Sadness” or “Dark Paradise” or “West Coast” or a number of other dark Lana songs that contrast her recurring tragic themes with the beautiful backdrop of California beach life. No one does LA noir-pop quite like Ms. Del Rey and this past Summer’s “High By The Beach” is one of her most chilling songs to date. Set to a rumbling trap beat and echoing organ chords, the bleak vocals on “High By The Beach” are the perfect haunting blend of sweet and sad.