UPDATE: Maroon 5 premiered their breezy new song “Don’t Wanna Know.”


UPDATE // OCTOBER 11: Maroon 5 enlisted Kendrick Lamar for their breezy new tune “Don’t Wanna Know,” which premiered Tuesday night. Listen below:


Maroon 5’s sixth studio album will kickoff with the Kendrick Lamar-assisted song “I Don’t Want To Know.”

When Maroon 5 rocked our world with their 2002 debut album Songs About Jane, social media hadn’t taken the music biz by storm. Surprise releases, streaming, visual albums, none of that existed yet, and the band is embracing a bit of that nostalgia with their new song “I Don’t Want To Know.” Instead of prepping a carefully calculated promotional strategy or ~Apple Music exclusive~, the guys decided to let the fans attending their recent shows hear it stat.

The studio version with label mate Kendrick Lamar is officially slated to hit radio Oct. 18, but a live-preview of the song has been available for the last month. Listen here:

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