Maroon 5 enlisted the Blond Bob Pop Songwriter Chanteuse, Sia, for a song with Gwen Stefani on their upcoming studio album, “V.” The track’s called “My Heart Is Open,” and is destined to be a fan favorite.

Maroon 5 guitarist, James Valentine, tells Billboard of the collabo:

“Living here in Los Angeles we’ve known Sia for a long time, back from when she was just an artist, before her second act as, like, the most brilliant pop songwriter of all time, so it was really cool just to work with her.”

“It’s cool for all of us to have her on the record. And Adam won’t shut up about how cool she is as a person. A lot of times when you meet your idols it’s a letdown, but it’s the opposite case with Gwen, apparently.”

“V,” which is due out Sept. 2, features some of the best in the biz, including Ryan Tedder and Max Martin. It’s more of a continuation of “Overexposed,” adding their first single “Maps” could’ve been that album’s fifth single.

“A lot of our fans would love to hear us make another ‘Songs About Jane’ type of record, and I think as some point we’ll go back in and make a record in that sort of way, but this is not that type of record,” Valentine explains. “I think it’s a natural evolution for us. The sounds that we’re interested in right now are coming from lots of different arenas, lots of different worlds. It’s not the way we used to make records. And it’s about wanting to be part of the dialogue of what’s happening on radio right now and being a part of that. It’s more of a producer’s medium right now. So right now it’s about experimenting with more of these electronic elements and more of the beats and seeing where that takes us. That seems more exciting right now.”

Maroon 5 released their album artwork and tracklist today.