Maroon 5 is coming for this summer’s smash!

Maroon 5 Releasing New Song “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt”

Maroon 5 will debut a new song titled “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” on May 26.

Does this mean the band is finished promoting material from their latest effort, “V,” or simply taking a break from the record they’re currently performing around the world? Perhaps, and that doesn’t sit well with us. What this entails is “It Was Always You” and “Coming Back For You” may never receive the single treatment following “Maps”, “Animals” and “Sugar,” an injustice to their fans and the Top 40.

It doesn’t seem likely the band will scrap the rest of “V,” who’ve pushed re-releases in the past. “This Summer’s Gonna Hurt” might be new material Maroon 5 will deploy to freshen up their impeccable latest installment.

Are you ready for a “V” re-release?