Mark Ronson And Bruno Mars Aren’t Done Conquering Music

January 21, 2015 By Jordan Miller

Mark Ronson And Bruno Mars Aren't Done

We know “Uptown Funk” gon give it to you. WE KNOW.

Mark Ronson’s song with Bruno Mars lands at number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for the third consecutive week, completely surprising mainstream media and music lovers said no one ever. The song’s orbiting airwaves faster than you can say “your lips are movin,'” infiltrating your every inch of public space. You wanna read at Barnes & Noble in peace without hearing “Uptown Funk?” Can’t. You wanna enjoy a cup of coffee in silence on your way to work without getting reminded of Bruno Mars? Nope! The song somehow finds a way to bulldoze your life.

The track broke Spotify’s global and U.S. record for number of streams in one week with over 4.8 million in the U.S. and 14.79 million streams worldwide, and has also been the No. 1 streaming track on Spotify U.S. for three weeks.

The two are responsible for Mars’ “Locked Out Of Heaven,” too. That **** was everywhere all day err day.

And they aren’ yet finished making sweet sweet, impenetrable music!

Ronson tells BBC in a new interview he’s collaborating with Bruno Mars again, this time for Bruno’s record.

“I’m probably going back in the studio with Bruno Mars because he’s getting ready to make his new album.”

You hear that? Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars shall invade your sanity once more.

All tea no shade. Love me some Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars, but damn.