Marina and the Diamonds has dropped the visual for her latest froot, which is sitting pretty in the top 20 on iTunes.

Marina’s ‘froot of the month’ concept may have seemed overcomplicated when she first floated the idea back in October, but it’s proving to really pay off for the “Primadonna” star. As well as making a chart splash with latest song, “I’m A Ruin,” she’s also revealed what is almost certainly her finest video yet.

Take a look after the jump:

Marina has a talent for simple yet effective visuals, but none as stunning as her latest offering which was uploaded to Vice’s music subsidiary, Noisey, earlier today. Beginning with a cloaked Marina writhing about in front of a mountain backdrop, the static shot isn’t dissimilar to Madonna’s “Frozen” (which in it’s-probably-not-a-coincidence news, Marina once selected as one of her favourite videos of all time.) However, oscillating between a really good H&M advertisement and Discovery Channel documentary, Maz’s froot carves out an identity for itself which far transcends its inspirations. With beautifully shot underwater sequences and um, a jellyfish (?) it’s probably the best visual we’ve had from Marina.

“I’m A Ruin” is available on iTunes now as part of the pre-order campaign for the forthcoming ‘Froot,’ which is slated for an April release. Despite having absolutely no promotion (bar this video which emerged today,) the track managed to hit number 2 on US iTunes, no mean feat considering the struggle Marina has had to achieve chart success in the past (with way more hype.) Having said that, promotional anomalies aside, ‘Froot’ so far represent the Welsh/Greek star’s best work to date, so it makes sense that she’d be hitting the charts in a bigger way than before. Marina doesn’t seem like the kind of artist who’ll ever truly ‘break-out’ (which is by no means a bad thing,) but if it’s going to happen, it feels as if the moment is upon us.

Watch this space, people.

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