Marina and chill to the singer’s two-part album.

The singer originally lead her fans to believe her dual albums, Love + Fear, would drop in full today (April 26th), but Marina sneakily dropped Love three weeks early. Fear is now available to stream.

Her mission was to create two separate vibes for the records, so putting time and space in between both projects proved to be a solid choice. Let fans digest Love before they sink their teeth into Fear.

Love features previously released tracks, “Handmade Heaven,” “Superstar,” “Orange Trees” and “Baby,” featuring Clean Bandit and Luis Fonsi. It also features “Enjoy Your Life,” “True,” “To Be Human” and “End Of The Earth.”


“True” is a dreamy mid-tempo love song complete with warm background vocals and a slight tropical-tinged beat. “End Of The Earth” is also a gem. 80’s synths bounce off Marina’s breathy vocals as she sings about inclusivity.


“Believe In Love” is gorgeous, electro-led piano power ballad. “You” features an icy, slight tropical beat and highlights Marina’s lower register. As you’d expect, Fear is more ominous than the first half.

Marina shared a quote from psychiatrist Elisabeth Kubler-Ross explaining her decision to release Love three weeks early: “There are only two emotions: Love and Fear. All positive emotions come from love, all negative emotions from fear. We cannot feel these two emotions together, at exactly the same time. They’re opposites.”

Listen to Love + Fear below:

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