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Marina And The Diamonds Teases “Blue” Music Video

The “Blue” clip is surprisingly cheery.

Marina And The Diamonds Teases "Blue" Music Video

Marina And The Diamonds shares a clip of her new “Blue” music video.

Marina teased a bit of her upcoming visual for “Blue” off her latest record “FROOT,” a somber tune about breaking up disguised as a cheery up-tempo bopper. There’s a lot Miss Diamonds wants in her latest record (Gimme love, gimme dreams, gimme a good self esteem. Gimme good and pure, what you waiting for?), and perhaps she’ll get it. The setting for “Blue” takes place at a carnival and shows the Welsh singer enjoying some cotton candy before they reveal her future-reading alter ego. It’s a colorful clip for a very blue song.

We’re waiting for the inevitable creepy clown and funhouse mirror scenes as well. Watch the teaser below:

Marina And The Diamonds Teases

Are you excited for Marina and the Diamonds’ new “Blue” music video?