Marina Diamandis spoke openly with students at the University Of Oxford about her relationship with pop music.


Marina And The Diamonds gets real about her relationship with pop music.

Marina Diamandis opened up a dialogue with students at the University Of Oxford about her ascent into music as an indie artist before experiencing mainstream success. She details how music infiltrated her life as a youngster which helped her express negative feelings she was often good at masking. Eventually, she began to develop her craft and shape her goals, which she described as “an indie artist with pop goals.” Her music often descries basic human instincts with emotion and how that relates to our surroundings and society as we see in many of the songs from her lengthy catalogue. Some musicians, she says, seek the allure of the famous life style… “money, fame, praise,” but others seek out the unquenchable thirst to express themselves because they are compelled to act out their artistry.

“The reason I wanted to be a pop artist was not because of imagery or money or any of those types of things,” she says, “it was because I felt that songwriting was the only thing that made me feel at peace and really happy.”

Why she thinks pop music can be powerful: “I wanted to make pop music not for its sound, but because I saw it as a really clever tool that I could use to express unorthodox ideas to a really large audience.” She goes on to say pop music was a medium to express her own views, much like the ones she’s currently drafting up regarding Kesha’s recent **** allegations against producer Dr. Luke.

“On the surface it can and is very much considered as light entertainment,” she says of pop music. “It can be silly and fun. It can be considered frivolous, sometimes superficial, and it is all of those things. It is also a way of documenting social history.”

She adds pop music can open a door towards society’s views on women, race, sexuality, money, class and religion.

One figure who was instrumental for Marina is Madonna. “For me, she has always been a perfect example of someone who’s absorbed the zeitgeist and sudden sub-cultures that she was dipping into and communicating that on a global level. It wasn’t just about how she looked and being provocative, it wasn’t about fashion for me. It was also about communicating the problems of the time [like the] attitude towards homosexuality, HIV or feminism.”

Marina also opens up about a number of other topics, including her relationship with her fans which she calls “unique,” adding “They have been instrumental in the way that I’ve chosen to steer my career both strategically and creatively.”

Her sit-down is nearly an hour long, so grab a cup of coffee and please do listen to this in its entirety:

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